Unseen Owls

I’ve been here before: dragging words into the new year,
like a body I need to get rid of; the moon shows everything,

all the holes in this threadbare blanket of snow, and the cold
air carries the questions, so deadly urgent, of unseen owls.

In the morning I’ll find the evidence, such delicate violence
brushed into crystal, bloodless struggle, frozen flight; I heard

no screams, and on the page I have little more to show than
erasures only I can see; the scene begins and ends again.

“Predator and prey activity footprints animal traces in the snow” by Greg Weiler, US Fish & Wildlife Service, via Wikimedia Commons.

10 thoughts on “Unseen Owls

    1. Thanks, Sarah; I think you can relate! And yes, I’m glad somebody captured the drama I failed to get a picture of a few nights ago. A very cool image to wake up to, though I’m sure the local rabbits felt differently about it. 🙂

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