Mid-Autumn Visit

It has been too long,
yet I stumble but little
in this atmosphere.
You cradle me against
your cratered breast
as if I had never left.

To live or to endure?
Ageless, the question
never vexes you.
You shape my answers
with as many cups
as inspiration takes.

I could drink oceans
of your kind of light.

You tell me our stories
have enough tragedy:
I should write love.
By dawn I’ve woven
a tapestry of sighs
to turn your face red.

I make my excuses:
mortal hours make for
brutal schedules.
Your rabbit cackles
at his endless toil,
and offers me his job.

You kindly remind me
I’m needed elsewhere.

Earthrise – Apollo 8, taken by Bill Anders, NASA, 12/24/1968. Via NASA on The Commons http://flic.kr/p/fpXP13


The combination of Harvest Moon and Mid-Autumn Festival was hard to resist, and there was a #fullmoonsocial going on! (It was a small gathering this time, but thanks to Jeff Schwaner for initiating this tradition.)  As usual, in the cold light of day I made changes, but they were optimistic ones.

14 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Visit

    1. I have taken to building custom RSS feeds outside of WP for just that reason, though even then I must remember to check them occasionally — as if they were little traps of inspiration. I’m not sure I’ve been well, but I am, as you say, coming around. 🙂 I hope to post more here in the coming weeks.

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      1. Likewise, Rose, who riffs e.e.cummings with her “I am okay
        small in my why and who
        I believe the you”; glad to know you too are gestating a novel at the moment. Imagine my fist in solidarity. 🙂


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