Morning Briefing

This message has no content,
the device tells me, and I realize
that after a surfeit of content
bearing too many messages,
ratcheting voices, rattling swords,
the roar of violated nature,
all the demands on my amygdala,
I am so enamored of this error,
this permission to be absent
in these last instants of liberty,
to rest my eyes on nothing
but the steam from my tea.


Well, what do you know, a poem, after many, many months of having absolutely nothing penetrate the black veil. My doctors will say what they will about the return of my insomnia, but at this point I think I ought to say: Welcome back, old friend. Actually, there were fragments of at least three poems in my head last night (or rather this morning) that I had to spill out on my tiny bedside notebook, but the technological turn of events this morning pushed this little ode to the forefront.

15 thoughts on “Morning Briefing

  1. I’m glad to see your the brain freeze has lifted even if it’s due to insomnia. Sometimes months go by when I don’t sleep more than a couple hours a night. I love the night and the creativity I feel, then after a while, I start to dread it.
    Take care.


    1. I know exactly what you mean, Fran – and considering my cognition suffers from sleepnessness, I know I will pay in due time. It’s a tightrope act, for sure… By the way, WordPress has been making it tricky for me to comment on all your insightful posts on Blog Ground so I’ll try to do that via Twitter. Your voice has become a very necessary dose of sanity for me. šŸ™‚


  2. A delightful poem that has me smiling this morning…in our world of information overload, what bliss to see ‘no content’ and what a brilliant inspirational message for you – I feel the calm as you reflect over the steam of your tea…life really is that simple. However, I’m so sorry that you pay such a heavy price for your creativity; the doctors have no real understanding of the impact of insomnia on one’s life…Hope things settle soon.

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    1. As I was just mentioning to Andrea S. there has been a curiously timed relief from the insomnia — perhaps not coincidentally tied to forcing myself back into poetry… It is indeed an inscrutable affliction. So glad my poem brought a little of that restful feeling into your life, Annika!

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  3. I’d been suffering from “content” overload for a while and am presently have a rebellion against it. I’m apt to delight in dumping about 90% of the mail in my inboxes at a time — oh the feeling of power! I’ve removed social networking sites from my mobile, and turn off all of my electronics after 5 pm most days. The wonder of my cup of tea just after 5, breathing in that steam and knowing that I’m free for the evening! And no insomnia anymore. All gone. I think, Sunshine, sometimes the creative muses get restless and start attacking your sleep, demanding you give them more space to exercise themselves. Once you’ve got the message and started creating again, then they settle down. Well, that’s my experience of them anyway, and maybe yours. too, looking at your recent experience. Anyway, I loved your poem šŸ™‚

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    1. Viva la revolucion! It is indeed a feeling of power to disengage from everything modern society insists we must react to instantly. And I am totally in agreement with you, Sarah, about “getting the message” from our muses. I think it took some time for mine to figure out the best wavelength to break through all the conflicting messages from my demons. šŸ™‚

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